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7 Week Soul Path

This is an interactive online course, basic foundation and principles of Munay Ki Shamanism. 

7 Archetypes starting with 

New Beginnings and setting goals.

Course is $297 

Loving this?

All who purchase this product receive $100 credit towards the 7 month course. 

How to Create a Prosperity Crystal Grid

Watch this Short 5 minute video to learn how to make a crystal grid to manifest PROSPERITY!!! 



Katie Jo


Sound Healing Basics and Science with Katie Jo

This is a foundational video to teach the science behind why sound healing works. 

Learn the important terms you need to know to be a sound healer and what they mean. 

Learn why sound waves make a difference for people in overall health. 

Artist Submission for December Holiday Show

Call for Artist Submissions to be displayed December 3rd at Sage Canvas in Lehi, Utah for a holiday themed art show. 

Sage Canvas will host 10 local artists in showcasing their work and offering their pieces for sale. Submissions do not assure acceptance into the show, but will receive marketing and sharing on Sage Canvas' social media outlets for marketing and exposure.

Roots & Branches Shaman Course Supplement

Here is where I will be posting the content for pre-reading and study for the Roots and Branches Shamanism Course. 

Files, Documents, and videos to work through month by month as you learn Shamanic Philosophy and Ceremonies. 

A comprehensive study of shamanic lineages with special attention to the Munay-Ki.

Sage Canvas Studio Monthly Membership

Sage Canvas is a wellness studio in Lehi, Utah focusing on weekly and monthly events and programs for health and wellness.

Receive over $200 in value for just $55

Sacred Spaces: How to Open and Clear Energetic Space

It's more important than ever to know how to open and clear energetic space. This short online class is simple and interactive, giving you instant tools and understanding of how to protect yourself, your home, and heal the Earth.

Pathway of the Sage Online Shamanic Training Course

The Pathway is a 9 part course studying Ancient Wisdom a with Shamanic Teacher Katie Jo Finai, a student and teacher of Shamanic Philosophy, technique, and practices for over a decade.

Learn ancient truths, practices, and philosophies of the Wise Ones throughout the ages. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Shadow, Balance, Ascend. This is a comprehensive and universal training, studying Celtic Shamanism, Munay Ki Rites, North American, South American, Toltec, and Huichol Shamanic ways.

What Happens to Energy When You Use Hallucinogens or Plant Medicine

What happens to your energy field when you use substances that reprogram or disconnect the regular flow of the mind. How to protect yourself. Short 28 min lesson.

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